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Coopers 9 Shooting Game


Great shooting game with a comic twist. Eight levels for players to blast through. Carlos Cooper, head of an internatioal assination organisation, has to deal with two wayward former employees...
Price: 3,995.00
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Americas Army Shooting Game


This game is so much fun to play, it is endorsed by the US Army! One or two players can compete in various stages such as the sniper range or safe house. To advance each stage you must qualify by hitting enough targets, if not you fail and can continue with a lower target number. Each level has its own techniques which makes this game very challenging.

Price: 3,899.00
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Trophy Hunting Bear and Moose Arcade Game Shooting Game


2 Player Head-To-Head Big Game Competition!

The thrill of the hunt in a safer, more humane but just as exciting arcade game.

Price: 1,399.00
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Crisis Zone Arcade Machine Shooting Game


Crisis Zone Suppress a rogue terrorist group that has seized Garland Square outside of London. Players can choose their route from the beginning of the game between three stages. Once the player has completed a stage they will then advance into one of the other three zones and once all stages are complete they will advance to a special stage engaging the final boss.!

Price: 1,499.00
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The Lost World Jurassic Park Arcade Machine Shooting Game


A shoot-em-up based on the hit movie "The Lost World: Jurassic Park". Try to survive the dinosaur infested island and neutralize the threat. Know anything more about this game? The upright version of this game uses the same cabinet and wiring as The House Of The Dead. A JAMMA board swap is all that is required to change over to the other game. The game has five stages with various routes to take in each depending on the skill of the player. Very detailed graphics and an amazing sound system help add to the atmosphere and a player's total immersion in the game. The length of the game is a little short but it is great fun none the less

Price: 7,995.00
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Confidential Mission Deluxe Arcade Machine Shooting Game



Game Introduction Basically this game has two player characters: Howard Gibson and Jean Clifford. These two intelligence operatives are on a top-secret mission of intense proportions with a mysterious enemy awaiting them.

This game is considered to be the spiritual sequel to Sega's Virtua Cop series, as it includes the same mechanics (the "warning target" system), but it also adds the rescuing feature from the The House Of The Dead series, in which if you save a particular hostage from danger, a reward will be given..

Price: 1,699.00
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Ninja Assault Arcade Machine Shooting Game


It was developed by Namco who also created the Time Crisis series; however, this game has more in common with Lethal Enforcers, Virtua Cop, and The House of the Dead, whereby the movement is completely "on-rails" (i.e., with no hiding pedal), and you must shoot away from the screen to reload. Both versions of this game support up to two players.

Price: 4,995.00
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Ghost Squad Evolution Shooting Game


A new crop of top dogs has evolved into the next generation of high security Special Forces, that is the G.H.O.S.T. Squad. With more skill and brawn than their predecessors, the new squad has been called for higher threat missions with bigger guns and bad ass threads.
Price: 2,575.00
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